Dear Parent:

Dear Parent of my students,

Your words matter. Your actions matter. You may not notice or feel like your child is listening but they are. They notice when you are there, and when you are busy. They notice when you are looking at your phone more than you are looking at them. They notice when you speak and don’t follow through. They notice when you speak harshly out of anger. They notice when you make up excuses not to go to church or that event of theirs. They may give you grace and shrug it off like no big deal, but they do. You are just too busy to know it.

When you discipline out of anger. When you are short. When you speak over them. When you watch Netflix more than you watch them. When you don’t notice they are imitating you. They are watching. They are soaking it up. They are learning how to treat their future children. They are learning how to treat their future spouse. They are growing more and faster than you think, and you are spending more time worrying about the moment and not realizing how much of an impact you are making for their future and their future baggage.

My friends- be intentional. Be you. Raise the kids you want to be friends with in the future. Yes, this is entirely written to myself as a reminder of who I want to be, but fail to be as a parent. Let’s take this journey together and be better parents, because it matters.