Change Your Self

“IJPEG image-2E320484AED2-1f I only change one life in this world, God, please let it be my own.” –Anne Marie Miller

I read that quote this morning from Anne Miller’s Facebook Page.

Isn’t it so true though. I am committed to this idea of changing the world, or at least I think I am. I want to see that done through the changing of individual lives. The only reason I know the world needs changing is because I know my life needs changing. I’m not naturally inclined to be a great husband, father, brother, son, or man. I have to constantly course correct and get back on the direction I want to be headed. I know that my life story has been impacted by the narrative of others, and I know that if I continue to adjust my path, then my story will make an impact on others. I’m hopeful that my life story of constantly being changed and developed will bring inspiration to those around me. All of this means constantly learning, growing, and changing because I need it. I’m not good enough to say I’ve arrived or I’m good enough. I never will be, and neither will you. This is why we must constantly be changing. Thanks for that quote Anne, it was a great reminder to me this morning.


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