Where is Your Character

“Character is not something you can develop on the spot. It is something the Lord does in you, over time, while you are in the shadows.”¹

Character formation is so important. Before I took my role at LIFEchurch I remember hearing a lot about developing good character before we are thrown into a role of great significance. I think we should never forget how important it is to continuously be developing our character. Our character is what will keep us as leaders over time. It will tame our tongue when we want to snap back. It will keep us obedient when temptation comes. It will keep us humble when successes happen. It will sustain us over 30+ years of active leadership. Character is not something we can get overnight. Character is something developed over the long haul.

I remember one of my pastor friends saying, “You don’t have 30 years of experience, you have 30 years of repeating the same experience.” Now to be clear, I’m not even 30 yet, so I don’t have 30 years of anything. The idea behind this quote is that if we are not intentional about developing ourselves and our character over the long haul, we will not gain experience. We will simply fall prey to the same traps over and over again. What are you doing to develop your character? Do you have people in your life that speak truth to you? Do they make you feel uncomfortable at times and push you to be a better leader and a better human being? If not, please find those people. Please find that person.

1. Noble, Perry. Not There Yet: What I Would Say To Leaders Under 30. 2016.

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