Fear of the Weight

“The Christian leader need not fear that care of the flock of God will be too heavy a burden. By God’s invitation, the leader can transfer the weight of spiritual burdens onto shoulders bigger, stronger, broader, and durable. God cares for you. Let worries go.”ยน

Often times we get so worried of the weight and intimidation of ministry that we never step out. I think God is calling us to step out, dressed in humility, and trust him for something bigger. What areas do you need to step out in? What has God called you to do that you have yet to do, because you fear what might happen? When we step out in ministry it’s not really about us. It’s about God. When we step out to do God’s work, he provides a way. We need only take the step of obedience. The rest is up to him. No that is not an excuse to be lazy or not prepared, it’s a level of trust we get to have that God is in the work of reconciliation, and merely needs us as farmers to the land. Will you step out with me?

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