Great Leaders Make People Better

“The great leaders make people better, kinder, nobler than they would otherwise be.”¹

“Acknowledge the evil men do, but stay focused on the good that is in our power to do. Only thus do we raise the moral sights of humankind and help redeem the world we share.”²

I often call myself a leader. Of course it is part of my job, but I’m realizing more and more that we can all be leaders. Employers are leaders. Pastors are leaders. Writers are leaders. Moms are leaders. Dads are leaders. Older siblings are leaders. We almost all have some sort of leadership capacity.  Especially if we dumb leadership down to the most simple form which is that, “leadership is influence”.³

The question I ask today though, how are you using that influence? Are we leveraging that influence to make an impact in the lives of those around us? Or are we just trying to accomplish a job. Are the people around you better human beings because of how you’ve lead them? Or are they just getting financial gain. How are we raising the moral sights of humankind? How are we setting an example? How do we make a difference? Do people feel energy when we walk into the room? Or do they try to put their head down to avoid eye contact? These things can be telling about your influence and leadership in the lives of those around you. Leaders aren’t only the positive ones, but the positive ones are the leaders worth following.


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