Suffering and Celebration

“We need to understand both celebration and suffering to fully grasp shalom (Deep seeded wholeness and peace). Our understanding of Jesus requires that we understand the suffering of Jesus (the crucifixion) as well as the celebration of Jesus (the resurrection).” -Soon Chan Rah

“The joy that emanates from suffering reflects great hope and inspiration expressed by the entire community.” -Rah

We must learn to understand and speak of suffering and celebration. The message of Jesus is not a message of mere celebration. There was tremendous suffering, and we must recognize the cost that was paid. We must recognize the suffering of others and see how they identify with Jesus. We must focus on the celebration that comes when Jesus rose from the dead. We cannot forget where we were before Jesus. We cannot forget the suffering we’ve been through. Jesus wept. Jesus suffered. We weep. We suffer. Jesus rose again, therefore we get to celebrate together. We cannot ignore both, we need both. We must have a theology of suffering and celebration, not just one or the other. Do you suffer well?


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