Never Stop Learning

“Leaders learn. They read. They study. They take time to familiarise themselves with the world of ideas. Only thus do they gain the perspective to be able to see further and clearer than others… Leaders should never stop learning. That is how they grow and teach others to grow with them.” –Lessons in Leadership: A Weekly Reading of the Jewish Bible by¬†Jonathan Sacks.

How are you currently leading? How are you growing? How are you improving yourself? If you are a leader you must be leading yourself. No one wants a starving baker, that is a baker that is so busy feeding others that he cannot sustain himself. As leaders we must constantly be pursuing growth and transformation. We must be self-aware, and developing our strengths. The best leaders spend a lot of time working on themselves. This can be done through reading, listening, hearing differing perspectives, getting a mentor, and just by journaling your own process. What are you doing to grow today? What are you doing to be a better leader today? How can we help each other?


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