Teamwork isn’t always easy

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” -Henry Ford
I’ve been on a lot of different teams. Sports teams, work teams, ministry teams, project teams, and almost any kind of team you can think of. My wife and I have always said, “we make a good team”.
But after four years of marriage, sometimes I’m not such a great team player. I get moody, selfish, and really don’t represent the man I want to be for her, or the man I want to raise my son to be. When I do this I undermine the team. I try to be an MVP personality, while forgetting that the success of the team is way more important that my own personal success.
I must continually and daily die to myself. Die to my own selfish ambitions. Die to my own carnal desires. And pursue Christ who gives me wisdom, strength, and hope to be a better husband, father, man, and team player. Lately Kasie and I have had some great successes, and some great frustrations. Most of the frustrations happen when I lose sight of the team. When I lose sight of putting her before myself as I always should. She deserves better, and thankfully God’s perfect grace allows me to be changed, but it often takes work.
Ironic to be feeling and thinking this way as I spoke on Philippians 2 on last Wednesday night. Jesus just seems to work like that.

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