Be Confident and Lead

QuoteConfidence is one of those things that if you don’t have it, you won’t lead well. Insecurity will destroy us from the inside out. I know this from experience. I’ve only really learned how to lead other confidently in the last year and a half.

Lately, I’ve found a new confidence in the Lord that I had never tapped into before. Confidence helps us have clarity and be self-aware. I’m not talking about arrogance or any sort of cockiness, although it can at times be interpreted as that. I’ve come to realize that God has given me strengths and weaknesses to be who I am. In order to lead well, I must be self-aware of such things.

No one wants to follow a leader who isn’t confident. Leaders attract other leaders, and if you aren’t leading well, leaders will not get behind you. I know this, as I’ve lost a lot of great leaders from my ministry. For a while I was frustrated with other people, and blamed them for it. I’ve now come to realize I wasn’t giving a clear vision of where I wanted us to go. Now, I have great leaders on my team, and it’s fun. This has a lot to do with how I’ve grown to become much more confident in who I am, and clearly communicating where I believe we should go.

Live like you don’t need the role you are in, and be confident of where you want to go. Vision and hope must be giving to the people you are leading, and you can’t give that without confidence. What do you do to grow yourself as a leader? How do you balance being a confident leader, but not an arrogant one. Humility must play a part here, as we are called to serve too.


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