This Year You Can

I found this video through the RunKeeper App I use to log my running.

We’re already nearing the end of January, and I’m wondering where you are with your goals of the year? Are you still working out? Are you still losing weight? Or did you give up three weeks ago? I know this is where I typically start to slow down in the chase of some ridiculous amount of goals.

I love this video, because I think at some point of chasing goals we all hit a wall. Once we hit the wall we have two options, and a decision to make. Option one is to start playing this phrase over in our heads, “I don’t think I can.” Or option two, climb the wall and punch failure in the face. I admit, most years when I hit a wall or fail, I give up. This year is different. I’m not playing this recording of failure in my head. I’m frustrated with my failures, but I’m not willing to give them power over me. As you hit your wall this year, week, month, which option will you take? Self-defeat? Or punch failure in the face? I normally don’t like violence, but for this one, I’m punching it in the face, are you with me?


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