Give Away Influence

As a youth pastor and leader in ministry I think one of my most important roles is to give away my influence. In order for me to fulfill what God has placed on my heart, I need other people. As a side note, if your dreams or goals are small enough that you can accomplish them without the help of others you are missing out.

According to Ephesians 4 God has called those in ministry to equip the saints to do ministry. This means I need to be equipping leaders to do the heart work. I’ve got some incredible leaders, but I also need to help develop them. Part of developing leaders is giving away the influence that has been given to you. I have influence on my students, and I must steward it well. This means I need to give up speaking from time to time to allow other great voices to speak into the lives of my students (Clue, they aren’t really my students anyway).

This week we had our youth service for the first time in a month. We had to cancel last week due to extreme weather, and I have really missed preaching to our students, However I had scheduled one of my most crucial leaders to speak the second week back after break. She politely offered to allow me to speak and change the schedule, but it’s not really about me. It’s about what our students need to hear. And our students needed to hear from her, so I gave away my influence so they could all grow. Not to mention she has incredible influence in the lives of our students anyway. She did an incredible job and ministered in a way I never could have. It makes our group more whole, and raises the bar of discipleship in our community.

Leader: who do you need to give more influence to? Who do you need to invest in? How are you really living out Ephesians 4 to build up others to minister to the body?


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