Small Things Matter

I am so often the person that misses the details and only sees the big picture, but the small things are so important. You can look at this from a variety of different ways. When it comes to creating a culture of excellence it is the small details that will set you apart. Or it is the small interactions that will give those around you a positive or negative perception of you. We have to be aware that our words and actions are telling a bigger story, and even the smallest of interactions will tell something to those watching you.

Small interactions can lead to big impact too. Just take the example of a Domino as outlined in this video:

A domino can knock over a domino one and a half times the size of itself. If you watch the chain reaction, it has massive impact. I think the same things goes for our small choices and small interactions. They leave big impact on the lives of those around us. Whether the choice is to just a simple act of kindness, or to speak deep words of life into a friend, these things are small, but make big impact that permeates the soul of another human being.

I know when someone comments on my clothes or how I look it gives me a little boost of confidence that wasn’t there a few minutes prior to said comment. The same can be said for a negative comment and causing a little bit of insecurity. Which kind of impact do you want to make? We are making an impact on those around us everyday, just ask yourself what kind of impact are you leaving? Are you leaving those around you better than before, or are you helping slowly tear them down without even realizing it?


2 thoughts on “Small Things Matter

  1. Is your love language words?
    Mine is, and I have to be very careful with how I use mine with my boys because one of them is, too.
    Your post just made me think about that.

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