I’m Judgemental, Well Sometimes.


“What God has done for us, we should expect Him to do for others. Like Ananias, we hold the sins of a “Paul” against him. We doubt the call of God on the life of one who has erred. But would God treat Paul differently than Matthew? Why do we expect God to have less grace on others than He has had on us? Let us trust God to choose His vessels. Then let us lay down our lives to bless them, pray for them, and rejoice over them when they exceed us in usefulness to the kingdom.”

The quote above is written by Dick Brogden in his year long devotional called Live | Dead Joy, and is referencing stories in Acts 9 and Matthew 9. This paragraph hit me the other morning as I was reading. As a Christian it is easy for me to get stuck in this idea that people have to have things together before they can serve or belong. It’s easy to be judgmental toward others and their current situation. To be honest, over the past few weeks I’ve had quite a few judgmental thoughts come to mind. Judging people for where they are at, and the decisions they are making. But guess what, I’m wrong.

I’m completely wrong. It’s so wrong of me to judge someone where they are at, especially if I’m not willing to do some hard work and help them out. This is what I love about Jesus. He calls us to follow Him in the midst of a messy life, and yet He doesn’t leave us alone. He comes along side us, grows us, and sets us out on His mission.

I’m reminded of a prayer a friend prayed for me years ago when he said, “God, may Adam never forget what it was like before He knew you.” If we always remember where we came from, we’ll have a better outlook of where others are currently at, and we won’t judge their situation.

Let’s love people better!? Are you with me? Forget being judgmental, and let’s just be a friend to those around us. And yes sometimes being a friend means callings things out when people don’t see it, but that’s not judging, that’s being a good friend.


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