The Week After


We can have incredible moments with God and then quickly waste them. The past few months I have had some incredible weeks with God, but it is easy for me to just let them be one time experiences and not be a life changing experience like they should be. 

God did some incredible things while I was in Puerto Rico in June, and then two weeks later I got to pray with and watch many of my students grow like crazy at Summer Camp. And yet a month later I lead a team to serve at the Dream Center in LA for a week. Each one of these weeks God did some incredible things, but if I don’t put in work afterward to remember, to memorialize, to celebrate these moments then I miss out deeply.

The hard part of any experience like a mission trip or camp is the high you come out of it with. Most of us know this high, but it only lasts so long before the emotions wear off. This is where we must do the hard work. I think it is the same concept as in marriage in which I steal this quote from my pastor, “Anyone with a pulse can fall in love, it takes work to stay in love.” Anyone can have incredible moments and experiences, but it takes work to keep those moments fresh.

Have you had moments in the past where God showed up and did something, but you didn’t follow up afterward? Don’t let the incredible moments you have on top of a mountain be missed when you get back to the base camp. Journal about it, apply the take aways, don’t lose sight of what happened! And go tell people about it.


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