Great Customer Service Turns Fans and Customers into Loyalists and Free PR


A few months ago I joined the UP community. That is, I bought a Jawbone Up (Yes it is an affiliate link). The Up band is basically a glorified pedometer, that tracks steps, sleep, syncs with a ton of other health apps (I sync myfitnesspal and RunKeeper) and basically works to keep you healthy. I have loved my Up band since the day I got it. It helps sets goals and I’ve been much more intentional about health since I first purchased it. I highly highly recommend getting one! I especially like the feature that tells me how much sleep I get (Or don’t get with my son).

The last few weeks I’ve noticed the rubber on the outside of my Up band stretching. I was a little irritated, and not sure what to do. I logged onto the Jawbone customer service forum, and sent an email. I got a generic response saying, “thank you for your email, you will be notified within 24-48 hours.” I was a little annoyed, but that’s better than sitting on hold for 45 minutes. I ended up getting an email back 3 minutes later from a person with a name! We emailed back and forth a few times, then he said he’d mail me a new one, and the packing slip to send mine back. All I needed to do was send a few photos of my damaged band, and we were good to go. Also, on the return packaging I could just put it in my mail USPS, which is so much easier than UPS store, and it’d head their way. 48 hours after my original email on the forum I have a new Up band on my wrist and synced to my iPhone.

I say all this to say: I will continue to be a huge fan of Jawbone. Not only do they put out an incredible product, but they back it up with phenomenal customer service. I don’t usually promote products like this on my blog, but I was so blown away at the speed and service that I had to share it. If you sell a product, make it incredible, and back it up! Don’t make empty promises that you can’t keep. Blow the customer away, and maybe you’ll grow your tribe! Go buy a Jawbone!

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