Life is Different and Better Now

IMG_0875Zion Seth William Kolosik joined Kasie and I on October 15th at 7:58 am. I never knew I could fall in love with someone so instantaneously. I mean I loved this little man the entire time he was growing in the womb, but the moment I laid eyes on him my world changed. I fell in love with this little man, and I fell in to a deeper love with my Kasie.

Today Kasie went back to work part time. I know it is a sad day for her, as she won’t get to hang out with Zion all day every day now. We are incredibly blessed that Kasie is able to work just part-time. She is a great Social Worker, and I know she does an incredible job. Zion and I are both very proud of her. She makes any environment she is a part of better simply because of her presence. We miss her very much today!

We started off 2014 yesterday, and I hope to share more of our life on here now that we are figuring out this parenthood thing. Not sure if I’ll start posting more ministry stuff or just family stuff. You tell me what you like to read, and I’ll post that. Or maybe I’ll just keep doing both.

Fatherhood is an exciting ride so far, and great responsibility to come as I raise up this man. Still weird to think that I’m a dad now, and that my wife is now a mom too.


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