Who Solves Your Problems?


I often look to other people for answers to my problems. The problem with this is that 9 times out of 10 I already know the answer I want to hear, and I am just looking for affirmation. Do you do this too? Why do we ask others to solve our problems? We usually know what we are going to do, and just want permission from someone else to do what we already feel is right.

I want to give you permission to do what you feel led to do. You are an adult. You have wisdom. You have passions. You know yourself better than anyone else. Chase after that thing you’ve been waiting for others to give you the freedom to do. This may mean saying no to other things in order to chase that dream, but it’s worth it.

One fear I constantly have is missing out on something big. This fear has paralyzed me from realizing what I really desire to do in life. I’ve been swayed so many times, by the exciting thing at the moment and missed out on what I really feel I am created for. Each day I’m figuring out more and more of what I’m created to do. There is so much freedom in finding this out. It helps me feel okay with saying no to other stuff that seems sexy at the time, but just takes away from what I wanted to do in the first place.

What are you created to do? Why are you letting other people dictate it? Chase that passion. Go ahead. I give you permission. You are free to do it, and free to solve your own problems.


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