Would you eat what you are cooking?


“A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers.” -Chinese Proverb

To me this quote says, “What you love will naturally flow out of your life.” Which is the same as the scripture in Luke 6 that reads, “For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”

What is in your heart will naturally come out. We try to formulate things like mission and evangelism, but really both of these are supposed to be natural outcomes of how our heart has been transformed by Christ. Whatever is the focus of our heart will naturally flow out into our words and actions; this applies to Christ-followers as well as those who do not know Jesus. For instance, coaches naturally talk about their teams. Business people tend to see a lot of logistics. Dreamers can’t help but to see what could be in situations.

This principle also applies to our attitudes and perspectives of life. Do we tend to see the victim in stories? Do we tend to complain about how it isn’t fair for someone’s crappy situation? Do we always view the negative side of something? Are you the one who sees something play out and instantly starts complaining? It’s easy to think that all the complainers or negative things are attracted to you, but possibly is it that they are attracted to you because you give off the same scent? Might you ask yourself, “Is this from something inside of me?”

What is it you tend to hear yourself talking about? What sorts of people are attracted to you? What is the fruit of your life? Would you eat what you are cooking? Or do you need to make some massive changes?


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