Finishing Well

13655_218088538624_474742_nHow do you finish well? I have a hard time when it come to finishing. I am easily motivated to start, but not always to finish. As a dreamer I get really excited to start something off, and I can sit and dream of all the possibilities of what could be. I then get frustrated if we just sit and dream and don’t take action on it. The problem with me is not the concept or even starting the new big audacious goal, but my problem is that I do not finish well. I recognize this is one of my biggest hurdles I need to get over when it comes to leadership and life.

It’s really easy for me to think of a concept and begin to run with it, but it’s harder to see the concept until it is finished. I’ve failed to finish many things in my life, and it causes insecurity for me to even think about it. I can very quickly list out 5-10 things I’ve started, been really excited about, ran with, and then didn’t finish….

Am I the only one that does this? What do you do to finish well? What if we resolved to finish the things we’ve started before tackling the next new and exciting thing? What would that mean for your current state of affairs? I think for me this would mean a big growth in contentment. I need to learn to be more content with what I have and where I’m at before starting something new.

For me to finish well I need the help of others. I need people to run alongside me, and I need people to push and keep me accountable. I show way too much grace to myself when it comes to finishing. It’s easy to start feeling sorry for myself, and just ‘take a break’ aka come up short. What are the tactics you use to finish strong? Do you have people that push you to go further than you would have?

Of course I begin to think of this on the heels of telling you all I’m about to launch a new blog! How ironic!


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