A busy week

Yep. I survived this last week! Last Friday we had our annual youth group Lock-In and had more students than we have ever had before. Thanks to some awesome kids, and great volunteers the night went smooth.

On Monday and Tuesday, we had our Servolution event at Kirkwood Elementary School in Coralville, and at Penn Elementary School in North Liberty. If we combine numbers for the two days we served over 1000 people. That means 1000 individuals, and 1000 different stories being effected by our love. At Servolution we gave away a bunch of stuff for FREE. We had groceries, shoes, haircuts, school supplies, bounce houses, face painting, snacks, food, backpacks, balloon animals, and I’m probably forgetting something. Note that not all of these things were contributed by LIFEchurch, but a collaboration of many different organizations. Many thanks to groups like ToGather Together, North Liberty First United Methodist Church, Iowa Medical and Classification Center, North Liberty Community Pantry, Family Resource Center, Genesis Church in Coralville, and I’m probably missing something. We couldn’t have done this event without the help of so many organizations. I am very thankful for them.

Then on Wednesday we had our fall kick-off for youth group. We had a great first night back, and I am really looking forward to this school year.

Plus, the normal life stuff happening this week, it was a bit crazy, and I’m better because of it all. Here are a few things I learned during this crazy last week or so:

  • My current style of leadership is not sustainable
  • I can’t do it all myself
  • When I try to carry something, it affects my family
  • I struggle with holding people accountable
  • I need to let more people inside the vision for things
  • I work with some incredible people that step up beyond expectation
  • Life still happens when work gets crazy
  • Big events are one of my strengths, and give me a fun high

What do you learn when you have a crazy week?


2 thoughts on “A busy week

  1. Thanks for sharing your learnings. I think on your leadership style not being sustainable translates to me that leaders need to be adaptable and to some extent, moldable. I struggle with that at work and personal life.
    As far as what I learn from a busy week, it always surprises me that the week ended some how and gives me the strength to endure the upcoming ones because, if anything, they will be busier!

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