Please help me get better!

Help-by-LiminalMikeI need your help.

As you know I am continually trying to grow and learn. I want to be a better human tomorrow than I was today. One of my main goals this year was to become a better communicator. One way I communicate frequently is in written word through email, and of course this website. If you could do me a quick favor and read a blog post or two I’ve written here, and give me some constructive criticism. Tell me what you think I could improve on, or just some tips that you think would make me a better writer.

Yes I’m giving you permission to tell me some places that I suck at in my communication! Please help me grow, and I promise I will improve and give you, a reader, my best possible content.

And if you don’t want it public, just leave the post anonymous. Or email me at


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