Let’s Get Together


This picture may just look like a bunch of shoes to you, but to me it looks like Unity. Coming up in a couple weeks we are doing a big event that we call Servolution. At Servolution we will be giving away school supplies (provided by other organizations), haircuts (done by professionals from inside and outside the church), shoes (donated by our church and others, including the ones in this picture provided by the North Liberty United Methodist Church), and a bunch of other stuff will be happening from our church and other organizations and churches. The event is meant to be an expression of love for our community. The idea is quite simple. We want to cause an uprising- a revolution of service.

I love seeing organizations and churches play well together. I love being great friends with pastors of other congregations in my community. I love the unity here, and I’m so thankful I get to be a part. My challenge to you today, is how can you be more unifying in what you do? How can you work to bring together your ministry, program, or business to serve with another organization? It is so worth the effort of getting to know others and work with organizations that may have some different views than your own.

BTW It’s way more impactful to serve with others than just doing your own thing all the time.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Together

    • It challenged me to live more for unity, and it deeply moved me to see another church serving our community by giving to another one. I see this in denominations frequently, but it’s less common for one church to support another like this in the same community.

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