What are you taking in?

800px-Sponge-viscoseMost people will think this is about food, but it’s not. What voices are you taking into your life? Are they primarily positive and voices that will build you up? Or are they voices that tear you down? I listen to a lot of audio files each week. I subscribe to 10 different podcasts, and listen to many of them weekly. A few of them are monthly or less, but I listen to them because I want to grow. I do not want to wake up tomorrow the same person that I was when I woke up today.

I am always trying to grow, and I think you should desire to do the same thing. I think the old phrase, “people never change” is a bunch of crap. I believe people can change. I know I’ve changed. Not simply because I willed myself to do it, but because of the God I believe in has changed me. And he has changed me so much that I continually desire to grow and change even more.

All this change is great, but I think some of it will come down to having a plan. And in that plan setting up things that you will take in. If you are constantly taking in junk, your life will reflect it. If you take in challenges and inspiration it will cause you to grow. In the same way that our body must be put under challenges to grow stronger (Think weight lifting) our mind and soul must encounter challenges to grow too. Are you reading things that challenge you? Are you listening to things that will help make you better? Are you being intentional about how you grow? Make a plan, and then follow it! 


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