The greatest stories are the ones actually lived

According to my Strengths Finder test I am an input guy. To me this means I collect information (and I collect a few other random things, but that’s a different post). I am constantly scavenging the internet, books, podcasts, and other things for information. I love to read and get lost in a book. I love listening to podcasts (I subscribe to about 10 of them). Through all these modes of information I hear a lot of stories.

I hear stories of life change. I hear stories of great successes, and I stories of great failures. I will on occasion hear stories of great heartbreak, or of great love. But I’ve found the best stories in all of these are the ones that are actually lived out. The stories that come from a real live person and they are saying,”This is the crap that actually happened to me.” These stories have so much power. Some of these stories happened on purpose, and some of them came by what seems to be random chance.

Everyone loves a fairytale. We love the adventure and happy ending that goes with it where a prince rescues a princess and all that exciting jazz. But it’s not real. Life is messy, and we all have junk. It’s how we overcome that junk that makes the story worth telling. I’ve overcome quite a few crappy things, and they make me better for it. They also make a more fun story. Some things I’d have changed, but my story helps make me who I am, and that I wouldn’t change.

As I think about this idea it makes me want to share my stories more. It also makes me want to hear the stories of others more too. What is your story? What are the crazy rides that you have been on? I’d love to hear some of them, please share!


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