LIFEblog Post: The Scary Part of Being Authentic


Incase you’ve missed out. I’ve been blogging at our church blog every once in a while. Here is a blurb from a recent post over there.

There are a lot of days I feel pretty lousy about myself. I struggle with my frustrations, insecurities, and failures, and even sometimes I wonder if people will find out I’m a fake. I don’t mean fake in that I am imitating something I am not, but fake as in I’m not what others may think I am. I’ve come to realize that it is easy to look at someone and assume they have everything together, but the sad truth is that hardly any of us have it together at all. I grow really tired when I feel that I need to keep it all together.

Read the rest over here on the LIFEblog.


2 thoughts on “LIFEblog Post: The Scary Part of Being Authentic

  1. I feel that way every time I enter a churchy church. The only place I ever felt comfortable right away was a unitarian church. The greeter accidentally swore in front of us and then apologized and said he was working on it. At that moment I felt such a camaraderie with him. I am broken too, and hiding it it helps no one.

    • That is a great story, and yet sad to me. I’m sorry the church doesn’t do a better job at making you feel welcome. I’d love to dialogue more about that sometime.

      Thank you for commenting, I appreciate it.

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