You are an artist

Hugh MacLeod created the drawing. He is one of my favorite artists.

Maybe the phrase “you are an artist” is cliche now. But if you haven’t been able to grasp it quite yet, I will chime in my thoughts too. Hopefully you will realize the power of your inner artist, and work to start unleashing it.

I recently listened to the audio version of the book The Icarus Deception. The author, Seth Godin, has an incredible way of challenging the mind, and I highly recommend checking out the book. In the book he talks of the Greek tale of Icarus, and the implications of the tale to those hearing it. The tale has a basic ending where everyone is supposed to be obedient to those above them. They are to do what they are told, and to obey all instructions for their life. They should not betray or challenge the instruction or they will surely die or surely fail.

Godin poses the thought that an artist will challenge the rules. The artist pushes the limits, and the artist will inspire others to go further. Godin gives many characteristics to what an artist is, and what an artist must do to be one. He says that just because someone paints does not make them an artist. They must give their art away to others. Artists are generous people. And something is not art unless it is open for others to experience. A song never shared is not art, it is selfish.

He goes on to say that art is not just music, paint, drawing, writing, singing, dancing, etc. But art is leadership, speaking, serving, or any other craft that has the capability to be given away and inspire others. We all have some art or gift that we can give others. My art is occasionally writing (but not that often if you see when my last post was), but more often my art is speaking. I speak on a weekly basis, and each time I speak my hope is to inspire some sort of change in people. I know other people that they have an incredible art behind the way they serve others or love on people that seem to be unlovable (or by cultural standards).

What is your art? How can you give it away? What is holding you back from challenging the rules in how your craft is done? Push the limits, and break some rules.

I challenge you to figure some of these questions out and share it with those around you.

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