More thought about the IMN District Council

I just wanted to share a few more thoughts from the Iowa Ministry Network District Council this last week, and I don’t really feel like putting this into full paragraphs, so I’ll share short sentences or basically a bunch of tweets and quotes I took. You can assume the quotes are from Rob Ketterling, unless noted otherwise.

“You are the answer to a prayer that Jesus prayed. He said in Matthew 19 that the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few”

“Be nice to people, and preach the gospel.”

“Here is to those not yet here.”

“If younger generation ministers aren’t “ready” to do what Gods called them to do its the older generations fault”

“People belong before they become”

“I never allow my kids to hear me complain about the church”

“SOAP. Scripture, Observations, Applications, Prayer” -as a way to read the bible.

“The God we serve is not the God of the United States, He is the God of the universe. Nothing is too small for him.”

“I believe we should just try things rather than imagining what would happen if we tried things”

“If you wait for situations to “change” you’ll never get anything done!” –Tom Jacobs

“Your effectiveness in ministry is directly dependent on the people who are closest to you.” -Tom Jacobs

“God give me the humility to see the church as it is, but the audacity to imagine what it could be.” -Tom Jacobs

“We need to look less like Donald Trump and more like Jesus Christ!”

“God loves his church more than we do!”

“I just believed in it, and thought if this doesn’t work I’m quitting.”

“I financed the whole church on visa gold.” -Advice he said not to follow.

A few other notes:

I was humbled by watching George Edgerly receive his 50 year Ordination award. I pray I can follow in footsteps of men like him.

I was baffled by the authenticity that Rob Ketterling shared about his faults in the past, and issues he has struggled with and overcome. Something to definitely look up to.

I am incredibly thankful for so many others that have gone before me as pioneers of a movement. I can only hope to stand on their shoulders to continue it.

I have plenty of other thoughts, but this is good for now.


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