Waging war on the resistance

Photo from http://365q.ca/In order to be courageous and step out we must first have some sort of goal or dream in mind. One of my goals or bucket list items is to write a book. I have started to write a book probably at least a dozen times. I realize I’ve lacked the discipline to stick to it. Or the focus. Or maybe it is just the courage I have lacked. I mean who am I to write a book?

A friend and I were briefly discussing this idea of writing a book this weekend, and I realized I need to drastically improve my writing if I am to write a book. So that is why I am going to focus more or develop a better discipline of routinely writing on here. I honestly do not know what my book would be about right now. I do know what I am most passionate about and that is missions and the local church. I think that will be a lot of what I’ll be writing about here, but also just this journey to take a bold step of chasing after something. I know I may catch crap for putting this out there, but that’s okay because anyone who does anything worth doing will always run into some sort of resistance. The hard part will be to open up the computer again the next night and keep writing. Tonight I wage war on the resistance.

What is holding you back from chasing a dream?

How can I help you to take steps toward it?


2 thoughts on “Waging war on the resistance

  1. I think by encouraging others, we motivate ourselves. Just don’t listen to that voice of self-doubt. Use the writing as a way of processing and sorting out your thoughts.

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