Honk to stop bullying. A problem with so many voices.

I recently followed a car on my way home that had “honk to stop bullying” written on its rear window. At first I thought it was neat that this what appeared to be a student was so passionate about seeing the end of bullying. But then I had a thought, “does getting people to honk really do anything to end bullying?” At this point bullying is such a big problem it no longer needs awareness. To end bullying we need caring students, teachers, and administrators to stand up in the moments when bullying occurs. We need to educate and inspire people to stand up for what really matters.


The car with the writing on it brought a different thought to my mind. An unintended consequence of social media and a problem with so many causes. I admit I love causes, and I am quick to rally behind them. But I think so many great causes have created a consequence that people think they stand for something by sharing something on their Facebook wall, or posting a tweet. By simply sharing or posting doesn’t mean you are behind a cause. Letting a cause become part of you, and giving yourself to something bigger than yourself is how you get behind a cause. You make sacrifices. You give time, money, and energy to rally and advance your cause. It may be the sexy thing to post it on Facebook, but does it do anything? There are so many causes and voices screaming for our attention. What cause will you get behind and give your time, money, energy, and yourself to?


3 thoughts on “Honk to stop bullying. A problem with so many voices.

  1. You really think bullying is as big of a problem as they say it is though. I personally would like to think it is like that of a dog attack or a mad man with a gun. Even though it is in the news all the time look at the dogs millions of people own them and there are maybe 50 attacks a year yet they single those out over feel good stories. With gun attacks our country owns more guns then any other country in the world and shooting although are a everyday occurence in some areas are usually with a fire arm that is illegal or stolen, yet there is always something in the news about how there are to many guns out there which just seem to punish law abiding citizens and not the ones that do wrong.You never hear any stories about kids that are in shooting competitions or the 14 year old kid who saved his family with their shotgun when 2 people tried to break into their house( that was barely covered ). I would like to think this is the same with Bullys I dont beleive there are more kids bullying then there are kids that are willing to help each other out. Yet the media would have you beleive that it is wide spread chaos. Kinda like that bully movie that they wanted pg13 so more kids could watch it, if it was so important to watch why not put on youtube for free with a donation site to help cover the cost of the movie. Its usually always about money or one persons beleif over that of many, depending on the cause.

    There are alot of causes to get behind out there, I try to help out with the wounded warrior project, I dont feel i have given enough to it but am trying. Sometimes though its those little things that help out more like being at the gym and helping out one of the kid who has no clue what he is doing in there, and just seems lost. Or carrying that bag of groceries to a older ladies car.

    My opinion. and thanks for given me something to get me through a few minutes of the work day.

  2. I hear ya for sure on the media choosing what to show, and definitely agree about the bullying movie and YouTube. The problem with bullying now a days though is that when we were in school we could get home and be safe away from a bully, but now they are on Facebook which makes a public showing of bullying. Sure students are more likely to stand up as well, but it doesn’t always matter once the damage is done. I don’t know that is it as bad as the media makes it, but I do have students that have been bullied a lot and had quite a few switch schools to get a new start somewhere else.

    Anyway, I’m glad you have a cause, and find the small things as well. Sometimes the small things are much more powerful than the rallying cause.

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