Iowa Ministry Network District Council

This year I had a great time at the Iowa Ministry Network’s District Council. Below I will post some notes, thoughts, observations, and quotes from the two days.

I was on the Teller Committee for the business meetings, and will say it was way better than sitting through the long meetings. Just shows that serving is more fun just sitting.

We had a lot of EXCITING business covered for our Network for the two days. (Sarcasm will hopefully sensed through the capital letters)

Dr. James Bradford spoke on Monday evening and brought a challenging message about raising up the younger generation for ministry, and a challenge to the younger generation to not be so cynical. His claim was that “cynicism could be the achilles heal of this next generation”. I completely agree with him.

Our Superintendent Tom Jacobs spoke on Tuesday morning. He had a few quotes I really enjoyed. “The easiest thing to do when we encounter criticism is to  tear down our critics, we should instead look at ourselves.” “This is not a job, it is a lifestyle.”

Dr. Bradford spoke another couple sessions on Tuesday afternoon, and had a ton of great leadership content. Here are some quotes from him in that session:

“Ask yourself do I love Jesus more than I love doing things for Him.”

On vision: “When you are sick of saying something, most people are just starting to get it.”

To leaders, “you need to be doing ministry through people, not to people.

“confront with questions, and coach with suggestions”

“If you’re a Toyota you’ll never be a Chevrolet, you may be a suped up Toyota but you’ll never be a Chevrolet”

Dr. Bradford also spoke at the Ordination Service on Tuesday night, and brought a challenging message once again. A challenge to focus on the call, and to be resilient in following it no matter what ever happens. Here are a few quotes from him in that service:

“Don’t focus on the size of the problem, focus on the Greatness of God.”

“Your calling doesn’t begin with you. It begins with the God of this Universe.”

“God is surprised by nothing, and when I’m nervous, He’s not.”

“They didn’t pray for protection, but for courage and boldness” (referring to Acts 4)

I was very impressed by the number of young ministers in this network. I love that, as I am one of the youngest in it. I am so thankful for our leaders in this network. It was a great couple of days, and I am genuinely excited about the future of the Iowa Ministry Network.

A picture of my Moleskine from the days.


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