Another Year. Another Birthday. Not Mine.

Yes, I'm the little brother with less Easter Eggs

Well it’s been another year. Happy 26th birthday to my brother Seth. I know he’ll enjoy it better than we do down here. Since it’s his birthday let’s share a fun memory. . . So many great ones, so many funny ones, and so so many mischievous ones! I’ll stick with a mischievous one since we normally like to think of people that have past on as saints, but we all know the reality of who they were and just ignore the not so “nice” things.

When Seth was in 8th grade he started to use chewing tobacco (Yes it’s gross). He also got busted by his 8th grade basketball coach for it, and to be honest I think my dad still has the can of it in his closet from over 12 years ago. But even getting busted didn’t stop Seth, (Does it stop any 8th grader from anything?). Seth continued to chew, and I remember sneaking in to his side pocket of his bag he had with him when he died to take it and hide it before my parents found it. I love funny memories. I love real memories. Take a moment this week to create some great memories that you and those around you won’t forget.

Happy Birthday Sethie William.


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