The Books of March

One of my goals for the year is to read at least 3 books a month. I’ve decided to share with all what I’ve read in the past month, and plan to do the same each month. Maybe you’ll pick some of them up, or not. Some are new, and some aren’t so new.


Carry On by Scotty Gibbons is a book offering insightful thoughts on the things every youth pastor needs in their carry on bag. I thought the book was very practical and would recommend it to any new youth pastor. You can check it out here.

Stop Stealing Dreams is Seth Godin’s latest book. I’ll be honest and say this book is absolutely incredible. It is offered as a free download, and the book talks about our failing education system, and offers some new ideas to help bring change. Godin claims the education system will change as much in the next decade as the internet has changed in the last decade. That’s a pretty bold claim if you ask me, you can download the book for free right here.

Just Walk Across the Room is a book by Bill Hybels about evangelism. The book is very practical, and in many ways very refreshing. It talks about evangelism from a new perspective that in many ways puts words to how I’ve felt for a while that evangelism is more about building relationships and just making friends, than about converting people to a belief system. Check it out here.


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