The City

I just listened to this podcast from Chuck Mingo at Crossroads in Cincinnati.

It broke me and I started to cry. Not because the dude is such an incredible speaker. And not because it was such an emotional story.

It broke me, because he spoke of what could be. He spoke of a deep commitment to a cause that he is giving his life to. He spoke of a hope and a future for the church and for the city.

As the CHURCH, we need to be for our city. For the success of it, and the movement of it forward. That’s why at Lc we are for our city. We want to help people succeed. We want to help other organizations serve people. We want to be ridiculously good at loving our city.

It’s time to stop being known for what we are against, and start standing FOR some things. Let’s start with the city, wherever that puts you geographically.


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