My Struggle with Christians: Part 2

Last week I posted some of my frustrations and struggles with Christians. The struggle is an internal battle as well, and mostly comes from us claiming Christ’s name and intellectually believing the Bible, but not actually following His greatest commands and allowing the Bible to truly guide our lives.

I think we have allowed our “Christian Sub-Culture” to influence too much, and not allowed the gospel to really penetrate our lives. I said I would post a follow up for how I think we can start a real revolution in our thinking and living out what Jesus is calling us to do. This is Part 2.


We (Christians) are often known for the things we are “against”. Whether that is R rated movies, sex, abortion, rap music, homo-sexuals, etc. But I believe we should be known and strive to be known as restorers. God is in the business of restoring people back to what they were created to be. In the very beginning of scripture God looks at man and all of His creation and He calls it good. We were created good, not bad. We were created for fellowship and relationship with the Creator of all. We should work fervently to restore people, and life back to it’s original created purpose.

We (the church) is still one of the most segregated organizations in the world. We have black churches, white churches, asian churches, hispanic churches, and other kinds as well. We should be one of the most diverse organizations in the world. We were all created by the same Creator. We are all sons and daughters of the Most High God, and race and color should never get in the way of us loving one another. The answer is not just merge churches, but to actually change how we engage people that look different than us on a regular basis. Inviting people into our homes, and doing life together with people that don’t look like us. Also, don’t blame the organization for the segregation. Look at yourself, look at your pictures with your friends, and see what you are doing to bring more diversity to the Church.

Christians have also created a sub-culture of it’s own. Many have become separatists, and decided that they want to hide from all the ‘darkness’ of this world. Christ calls us to be the light of the world, and to be in this world, but not of it. In order to be in this world, we must become culturally engaged. We must not hide our lights under a bowl, but must take our light into the world to be seen. If we are so busy creating our own sub-culture, we have no place to influence the broader world and really engage the culture.

We must learn to live authentically. I recently heard Erwin McManus say, “just because yesterday was great, doesn’t mean today can’t suck” (paraphrased). As Christians we love being the light of the world, but we often take that to mean that life has to be great all the time. That isn’t real. We have struggles, we feel pain, we do suffer. Let’s stop pitching this thing as perfect, and start living it as authentic and call things as they are. We do have a great hope, but that doesn’t take away all pain and struggles. Be real.

I’m quickly realizing this is a very long post, and I will have to create a part 3 for next week. If you are a Christian I challenge you to start living as a restorer who has a diverse, culturally engaged, and authentic life. Let’s start a revolution of what it means to truly live out this thing we call Christianity.


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