A New Feeling Caused by The Simpsons

Last week I watched the 500th episode of The Simpsons via Hulu. As I watched the opener, which if you know The Simpsons is different in every episode, I got really excited. They showed the family running in to sit on the couch, but instead of just showing a new one, they showed the opener from all 499 other episodes.

When I was in elementary school my brother Seth and I would race home to watch The Simpsons at 3:30 everyday. We both loved it, and raced because we didn’t want to miss the opener to see if it was a new one to us, or an old one we’d seen before. When I watched the opener of the 500th episode I got very nostalgic. I actually got so nostalgic the thought entered my head, “I want to call Seth to talk to him about this”. This was pretty weird to me, as I’ve never thought that before. I’ve never called Seth, and never will. It’s just funny what can bring memories and thoughts to our head.

I hope you enjoy The Simpsons as much as I do! What brings back random memories and thoughts of loved ones for you?


One thought on “A New Feeling Caused by The Simpsons

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