Negativity Sucks

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
-Winston Churchill

I’m realizing more and more lately how my attitude and the attitudes of those around me really make a difference in how I live my life. There are a lot of negative people out there, and honestly they suck to be around. It is draining to be around them. It takes work to make them happy. And it just feels like they suck life out of the people around them. I will confess I have been one of these people on many occasions, and I do my best to fight against having a negative attitude. I am a critic, and naturally go to the negative things and point them out. This is not good, or life giving to those around me.

I love being around authentically positive people. They are like a breath of fresh air. They are life giving, and bring hope to those around them. I have a few really good friends that every time I walk away from them I feel more life in me. I am so thankful for these friends, and I deeply cherish the relationship I have with them. On the same token, I hate being around people that have a false positivity to them. They fake being positive, and it just comes across snide and rude.

Attitude makes a huge difference. Will you be negative and take life from others? Or will you be life giving and be a positive encouragement to those around you? The choice is yours. Choose your perspective wisely.


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