Nothing is Sacred: Part 2

Sacred: regarded with reverence:


I would argue that nothing in our current culture is held to be completely sacred anymore. Sacred has become only an individual thing, and not corporate on much of any level, that is here in the United States.

I view a few things to be sacred. Meaning I hold high respect and reverence to these things.

Marriage- My relationship with my wife is the most sacred thing in my life. She is my very best friend, and I will love and serve her my entire life. No one person, thing, or situation can ever come between us. We are committed together by God who created us, and this is the utmost sacred thing in my life.

Calling- I wholeheartedly believe God has a call on every persons’ life. In that I mean every single person was created for some divine purpose, and in not pursuing that purpose, they are missing out on what God has for them. I completely know I was created to serve in church ministry. Knowing that I was created for this purpose takes a lot of guess work out of my life. It also means, that I will figure out ways to always be doing what I was created for. I think a calling is sacred, because I could abandon church work, and go make more money elsewhere, but I hold my calling up higher than money. Finances, jobs, locations, and other things will work themselves out if I am committed to the calling on my life.

Is anything sacred to you? These are two of the things I hold to be sacred. Do you hold these things to be sacred? Or not?


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