Insert Provocative Title Here

This is a blog post about blogging, so if you’re not interested go ahead and exit the tab.

I find it interesting that the more provocative the title of my blog post is, the more views I get.

For example, when I wrote about supporting Obama I got more views than ever before with a simple title of Why I Support Barack Obama.

Or when I posted about sex on my wedding day last March with a title of A long stinking wait!

But I guess people like to look at things when they seem provocative, but I don’t think either of those posts were particularly controversial. Just the titles, so I guess maybe I should write better titles, and I’ll get more views. But while I like to have views and clicks on my page, that’s not why I write.

I write because, well you already know why if you read this post.

Have a good day, and if you blog add more provocative titles, it works.


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