Why I Write. . .

I write because it challenges me to get extra output.

I write because occassionally people enjoy it.

I write because I think life is interesting, and I want to document the stories of it.

I write because I was once challenged by a CEO of a bank. He said, “If you want to be a CEO, then start doing the things CEO’s do.” He was talking about disciplines and habits of course, and I look to my future and partly want to be a writer, therefore I must write.

I’ve heard over and over and over again that shipping something bad is better than not shipping anything at all. Yes, writing is shipping for me.

I write because I need challenge in my life, and I’ve found that on occasion so do you. My constant challenges push me to grow, and I’ve heard from multiple people that it inspires them to take on challenges too. Today, I challenge you to start whatever it is you’ve been going to do for a long time. Be it start a blog, make a quilt, train for a marathon, or just eat healthier to get in better shape. Are you willing to take the challenge?


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