Healthy Spirit

As a part of being healthy in 2012 I am focusing on many different areas of my life and trying to be healthy in all of those areas. One particular area is my spiritual health. I’m being very intentional about a few things in my life that will help my to stay spiritually healthy and continuing to grow in my relationship with God. Here are a few of things I’m doing, and you can too.

1) I meet with a running partner every other week. Basically we are accountability partners on a number of things, and check in with each other on areas we’ve discussed need checking in on. On a side note, here is a funny video about how not to be a running partner.

2) I’m working my way through the Bible in a year. I’ve read the Bible cover to cover, but I think it is a great discipline to go through God’s word every year. I’ve never actually completed the 365 day Bible in a year plan, as I’ve gotten off track every year I start it. This year I will stay on track!

3) I’m reading through a few different topical devotional books for the year to help stimulate how scripture applies to different areas of my life. This helps me to not only get the Bible into me, but makes me look at it in different ways.

4) I’m setting out more chunks of time to spend in extended prayer with God. This helps me in a number of ways with Him.

These are a good start of great disciplines to develop a healthy Spiritual life, but do not hold a healthy Spiritual life to disciplines alone. These disciplines are only ways to help cultivate a relationship with our Creator that will last.


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