Don’t Listen to Me

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I hate when religious, educational, political, or any other type of leader tells people what they have to do. They can tell people what they should do, might do, or even just could do, but never tell them what they have to do. As a leader and writer, I never want people to simply do what I tell them to do, because I told them to do it. I want people to hear what I have to say, weigh out the options for themselves, and make their own decisions. Do not vote because I tell you that you should, do not obey the Bible because I tell you it’s good for you. Do what makes sense, and if the person telling you gives a good explanation or story for why you ought to do something, then do it, but they are not and will never fully be where you are. You are the only person that can make the decisions that will change your life and your situation. Do you want to take charge, or give it to someone else that won’t bear consequences for it?

Be yourself, make your own decisions, but listen to what others are telling you too, they may make a good point.

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