Would you Follow You?

I recently read an article talking about how leaders need other people to buy-in to them in order for them to really accomplish their goals and take people somewhere. If people don’t buy-in, then the followers will jump ship at the first signs of rocky water or controversy. The article then went through and highlight ways and ideas of how to get people to buy-in to one’s leadership.

This whole idea brings about a very important question that every leader should ask themselves: “Would you follow you?” This is a very humbling question to ask. It is hard to take a step back and really evaluate your leadership enough to get an honest answer on this question, but it’s a question that is worth attempting to answer. I hope this helps you to evaluate how you lead people, and how you are planning for the future.

I always want to be a leader that I would follow, but honestly I fail a lot. I don’t lead well at times, and don’t communicate everything I am thinking, feeling, and planning. This would frustrate me if a leader did this to me, so I’m trying to do better at this. I do hope that I would give myself grace as a follower, and realize I would probably evaluate myself harder than anyone else. I encourage you to take a step back in your leadership and ask this challenging question, but don’t just stop there, actually make changes in the way you lead if you wouldn’t like something you’re currently doing.


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