A long stinking wait!

This was originally posted on March 12th. It was my top read post of the year. Happy New Year. Enjoy.


Well it’s after midnight, which means it’s my wedding day.

I remember when I was in 8th grade sitting in my English class and thinking to myself, “I think I’ll wait to have sex until I get married.” This thought didn’t come from spiritual influence. It didn’t come from someone telling me I had to or really that I should, but honestly it came from the idea of a challenge. A challenge that people didn’t think I’d be able to accomplish. A challenge that would set a tone for my life. A challenge that I have successfully fought and won. The challenge developed into more than just a challenge, and into something spiritual. Something that I knew I wanted to share with one woman, and only one woman my entire life. As I came to know Jesus I started to pray for my future wife. Pray that I could give this to her. And now today I get to. I’m so excited for today, not just for sex, but to start my life bonded as one unit with Kasie.

When I accepted this challenge to myself I told people about it, and I received many responses.

“I said that too when I was your age.”

“No way you can do that.”

“Haha funny joke.”

“Are you gay?”

The older I got the more respectable it became to people, as they realized that it is a rather big deal to wait (and I think many of them wished they had been waiting).

I’m so excited to get to marry Kasie today. I’m so excited to share this thing I’ve held so tightly to. This bond I get to build with her. This special moment in life that will bring the two of us to be one. I am so glad I’ve waited to share this with Kasie and will never share it with anyone else.


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