The Next Revolution

This was originally posted on August 31st, and was the fourth most viewed post I had this year. Enjoy.


Taken by my friend Josh Greene

This picture was taken downtown Iowa City when my friend Josh Greene and I were walking around a few weeks ago. It makes me think if this inner desire we all have to make and do something big. We all want to “change the world” yet we are to scared of stepping out and breaking the status quo. With so many revolutions going on in the world it’s time for people to actually stand up and do something. I wonder what will be the next revolution in our country…. Education? Medical? Fight against poverty? Spiritual?


One thought on “The Next Revolution

  1. Honestly i am in two minds on whether to take stand for or agsanit. you are simply sharing your own point,i appreciate it. For some it will ring true for others it may not resemble their experience at all. I’m simply encouraging dialogue in the hope others will get the support they need.

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