Self-control can mean so many things to so many people. It can mean holding your tongue when you want to blurt out. It can mean controlling your emotions or desires. It can even mean ignoring email and Facebook so you can get your important daily duties done.

I am going to define self-control as doing what you know you should do, instead of doing what you desire to do in a specific moment of time. This means choosing the orange in the bowl instead of grabbing for the Christmas Tree Cakes. Or choosing to call that friend I’ve been missing instead of just staring at their Facebook profile. Or choosing to pick that book up, and turn the TV off.

My biggest issues with self-control lately have been working out, daily disciplines (aka waking up and doing the things I need to get done instead of sleeping until I have to get up), and spending time doing things that are most important instead of just the things that are urgent (yes there is a difference between urgent and important).

I love the beginning of a new month, a new year, or even a new season, because it’s a fresh start to reposition your goals. Refocus on the things that matter deepest to who we are instead of the things that we just end up doing. I know most people spend a lot of their time doing things that they wouldn’t want to describe themselves as. I want to spend a lot of time doing things that DO describe me. This is why self-control is important, because it helps us to focus on the things that we deeply want to do and know we should do instead of the things we want to do in a specific moment of time.


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