Be Bold

After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly. –Acts 4:31

When we get filled with the Holy Spirit we become bold. One of the main purposes of the Spirit is to powerfully speak and pass on the story of Jesus. The story of what he did for each one of us. The story of a man that suffered greatly for people that didn’t deserve it. The story of a man that gave up everything. The story that has been told for 2000 years and will continue until eternity. The story that so radically changed the trajectory of my life and many of those around me. The story that causes people to quit jobs, move to other countries, and sacrifice self. The story that can cause so many painful divides. The story that is meant to bring joy and suffering along with it.

Another purpose the Spirit comes is to be our Comforter, but as Heather Zempel from NCC in Washington D.C. says “The Comforter isn’t needed unless we are in uncomfortable places.” We don’t need to believe the lie that we need to be protected from every small detailed thing in the world. I’ve been feeling convicted lately about how often we (myself and other Christians) pray for protection in so many situations. We pray God protects us and keeps us safe, but maybe God is calling us to step out, get uncomfortable, and do some things differently. God did not create you to be like everyone else in the world. He didn’t create you to be nice and obedient to everything either.

Be bold. Be who He created you to be. No matter what that looks like.


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