Fight Typical: Part 3

I’ve started down a journey calling people to fight what is typical and to be extraordinary. Please check out my first two posts of this series. You can find Part 1 here and find Part two here. In these posts I am writing about the inner desire I believe we all have to be different. The desire that we all have to go against the grain. To be extraordinary.

I want to make some clarifications that may get confused from the first two posts. I am so very often normal. I am often very typical. I do my best to fight against it, but I really am often normal. And it’s okay. Normal isn’t bad. Typical isn’t bad. My point and intent in these posts is not to make anyone feel bad about being normal, because well it’s normal to be that way. My purpose behind this is that I firmly believe we all set out to do something unique and different, and often end up normal. That is why it’s called Fight Typical. Because we have to fight the urge to fall into a social norm. We have to fight what Godin calls the Lizard Brain. We have to fight to remain above the status quo. But ending up normal is okay. I just don’t want to end up in a place I didn’t aim to land. And I believe many of you don’t either.

Let’s fight typical together. What makes you weird or unique or special? What makes you you, and not another human?


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