What Makes a Man: Part 2

A couple weeks ago I shared a post about some ideas of what a man is, and what makes a man. No I’m not talking about biologically or physiologically, I think we can all figure that one out. I am talking more about our attitude and lifestyle.

I went through this class called Men’s Fraternity a couple years ago, and it really helped me figure out what this looks like for me. Of course I’m not going to make a claim that all men should look the same and act the same, but there are a few things that I do believe fit what a man is created to be.

The definition Men’s Fraternity gives to manhood is that a man leads courageously, rejects passivity, accepts responsibility, and lives for a greater reward God’s reward.

I love this definition as vague as it may seem. So many men, myself included, fall into a trap of passivity, and don’t take responsibility for our lives and our families. By doing this we avoid living up to be the leaders we are created to be. I know that this all plays out so different in every family, but if a man is not willing to step up and be a leader, he is holding back his entire family from the potential he could lead them to.

By leading I do not mean dominating, as I completely reject that idea. By leading I do mean making the hard decisions, by serving his family and those around him, by taking responsibility when things don’t go as planned, and most importantly by being ready to sacrifice his very life for his family.

Men, I urge you in a culture where manhood is no more than drinking beer and treating your wife like crap, to stand up and be the leader you are called to be. I urge you to lead courageously, reject passivity, take responsibility for yourself and your family, and to live for something much bigger than you.

What kind of man will you be?



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