Fight Typical: Part 2

I wrote last week about the necessity to Fight Typical.

I have to be honest and say that the idea for these posts were inspired by Bob Goff. Bob is an incredible man that is truly inspiring. I got the wonderful privilege of meeting him at Catalyst this year. He spoke in one of the labs, and I was nearly broken to tears by listening to his stories of life. He has done amazing things, and has an incredible child-like heart. I was inspired by his stories, and one of the main messages he was saying is to fight typical. To be secretly awesome. To start new things, and to quit old things.

I know we all have this longing to fight typical. No one sets out to be normal, we just end up that way because we don’t fight. But what does that look like? Does that look like taking a job, and actually staying with it for long-term? Does fighting typical mean to tip more than 15 percent? Is it randomly loving on strangers by paying for the person behind you in the drive through? Does that mean actually being an amazing husband or wife that truly lives for their spouse?

Typical marriages end in divorce now a days. Typical husbands are absent, and think that just because they bring home a paycheck means that don’t have to invest time or energy into their families. Typical students get good grades, but never challenge their teachers to look at a situation differently. Typical teenagers have sex. Typical students cheat to get by. Typical Christians go to church and don’t actually apply anything from scripture to their life. Typical Americans spend more than they make. Typical says not to give sacrificially. Typical says don’t fly to the other side of the planet to love on people. Typical says you work 40 hours a week and hate all 40 hours of it. Typical is saying you work 40 hours a week, but don’t actually work nearly that much, even though you are clocked in. Typical people live within 50 miles of their birthplace. Typical people settle for typical.

This may not answer the question of what you can do to fight typical, but you definitely have a better understanding of what I mean by typical. Now fight against this idea of normal. Be extraordinary. Or as Bob says, “Be secretly awesome.”

I’ll be doing another follow up post about this later.


3 thoughts on “Fight Typical: Part 2

  1. Great blog Adam. Typical is death. Typical didn’t make this country great. Typical never gets remembered for anything at all. Being Non-typical is usually scary but awesome! Typical sits in the stands. Non-typical climbs on the back of a bull and nods his/her hat at the guy who opens the gate. Sometimes all you can do after that is hang on! You might hit the dirt and get stomped or you might go 8 seconds and be a hero! Either way, you weren’t typical! Keep up the great blogs Adam. You’re not typical! Steve.

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