What makes a man?

Man Up from J.A.M. Media on Vimeo.

I like this video. It makes me question what our culture thinks a man is, and makes me look to scripture on what a man should be. What do you think makes a man? No, I’m not talking biological/physiological. I’m talking attitude and lifestyle. I’ll follow up with my thoughts in another post.


3 thoughts on “What makes a man?

  1. yeah, great video. Imagine if men thought and acted like men are supposed to. How much more stable would our homes be? How much more prepared our children would be? How much stronger would our communities be? ….our cities……our country……our world! I truly believe that the change we need begins with men realizing what God has called them to be.

  2. Yeah, I think if men acted like they’re supposed to it’d be a game changer. But to their defense, I don’t know that too many men actually know what a man is supposed to be. Too often our churches water down manhood, and don’t get blunt with it.

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